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Website Changes

Welcome to our new WaterDog Adventure Gear™ website!  If this is your first visit, you won’t notice the change.  If you are a returning visitor, you will notice a lot of change.

First of all, visitors to the home page are directed to products by application (versus model).  When we started almost two years ago, we only had one WAG Boarding Steps™ model; now we have seven.  Some WAG Boarding Steps™ models have multiple applications.  To make it easier for you, we made this navigation change.  While we have tried to address most applications, there are always exceptions (e.g., fishing boats with swim ladders, docks with swim ladders).  If you have an application where you are not sure what WAG Boarding Steps model is right for you, call us on our toll-free customer support line.

Second, our website has been structured for search engine optimization.  Even though Katie thinks SEO means “Swim Every Opportunity”, we have learned SEO really refers to what Google, Bing and other popular search engines are looking for.  So while WAG Boarding Steps remains our product name and most accurately describes the dog-friendly design, you will see the new content refers to them as dog ladders, doggie ladders, dog ramps, dog stairs and many other search terms people use.

Finally, we have included social media buttons on the top of each page to make it easier for you to access additional information and share with others.  We appreciate all of the “likes” and referrals we can get.

Several things have not changed.  We still use the same safe, proven PayPal shopping cart that accepts all major credit cards.  We still offer flat-rate shipping in the continental U.S.  We still manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A.  And most importantly, we still strive to offer the highest quality, best performing products on the market.

We expect to enhance the website and our social media content over time with more videos, customer photo galleries, etc.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Please explore our new website and consider getting your WAG on!