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Normally, Thanksgiving is a day when I patrol the kitchen floor and am thankful for stuff that falls off the dishes.  But this year is different.

As WaterDog Adventure Gear™ nears the end of our first year of sales, I am thankful for all of the humans who purchased our product so that their dogs could have as much fun as me.  And us dogs know that happy dogs make happy humans.  I am also thankful for our U.S. suppliers for working with us as we grow.  U.S. manufacturing means jobs.  WaterDog Adventure Gear is happy to be doing its small part putting more WAG in the lives of everyone we do business with.

I am thankful that the elections are over.  No more robo calls.  Whether your candidate won or lost, it is important that we unite, support our leaders and move the country forward.  The beauty of our democracy is the winner was able to hear the views of the opposition and, if they are smart, leads in the best interest of all.  Heck, I’d support a cat if the alternative was doing nothing and bickering.

Finally, I am thankful for the squirrel that dared me to chase him a couple of months ago while we were hiking in the woods.  I didn’t get him, but I did get a trip to the vet when I pulled up lame.  They found a fracture in my front left leg and, more importantly, a mast cell.  Surgery was able to remove the mast cell (and a lot of my fur).  After numerous bandages and several weeks wearing the cone of shame, the prognosis is good.   The only thing that still hurts is my image from the cone.

So this Thanksgiving, thank your friends and your enemies,  They both might make your life better than you can imagine right now.  Happy Thanksgiving!