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Stunt Double

Meet my new friend, Sadie. We were doing a photo shoot for WAG Boarding Steps™ Model DM-12 today and Sadie was there swimming with her human.

The boss gets asked a lot about how quickly dogs learn to use our products. Of course, the standard answer is, “It depends.” Some dogs are timid, some are hyper and some just get it. Well, Sadie is one of those dogs that just got it.

As a matter of fact, Sadie was going up the steps before the boss even had them secured. I didn’t even get a chance to demonstrate. She was a natural. We both swam and retrieved and tried to wear the steps out. It sure is great when you can get out of the water at the point you are jumping in! No more swimming all the way back to shore.

The only bad thing is now that the boss knows that it doesn’t take any super powers or special skills, I will have a tough time negotiating my next raise.

You can see Sadie as the feature dog on the WAG Boarding Steps™ Model DM-12 product page. Thanks, Sadie!!!