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The boss said we will be launching a new website over the next few weeks to be better structured for SEO.  When I asked him what that meant, he said Search Engine Optimization.  He said SEO will allow more people to find our website and learn about our great line of products.

He assured me that the new website will still have pictures of me and several of my friends.  He also told me I would still have the opportunity to blog.  When I asked him if this meant I would be getting a raise, he laughed.  I guess that means no.

Well, I am committed to my own SEO program…Swim Every Opportunity.  Trust me, I have been working overtime on that.  When not on a lake, I swim at several of the local parks.  I even found a swamp near a local dog park that I got into (and got into trouble with my humans since a bath for me was not in their plans).  Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a little SEO activity.

Happy “Surfing”!