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Preparing to Launch

There are two signs that boating season is near here in Wisconsin; the ice is off the lakes and orders for WaterDog Adventure Gear™ ramp up.  We have spent the last several months building up inventory of all nine of our WAG Boarding Steps™ models, including our newest, the HSM-10, a dog ladder for pontoon boats.  Sales are at record levels and we will continue to try to fill all orders in 5 business days or less.  I’m sure we will still get the phone call on July 1 requesting delivery for the 4th of July weekend and, as always, we will do our best.

Magazines are publishing their launch issues and contain many great articles on what to do before placing your boat in the water.  They also stress safety as a reminder for those of us in the northern climates that haven’t been boating in six months.

Speaking of magazines, be sure to check out the “10 Tips for Cruising with Canines” article in the May issue of Boating Magazine.  They chose to highlight WAG Boarding Steps as part of the article and we are thrilled.  (The other nine tips aren’t bad, either.)

Have a safe and enjoyable season!