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Memorial Day

Well, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Memorial Day weekend is only a couple days away!  Here in Wisconsin, that means the official start of boating season.  I didn’t think the ice would ever melt this year!

Fortunately, I have been swimming from shore for a few weeks and working on my stroke.  But there is nothing like jumping off the boat and showing off my WAG Boarding Steps™.  Everyone wants to call it a dog boat ladder or dog boat ramp, but there is a reason the boss calls it dog boat steps.  It is easy and natural to climb.  This will be my third year using Serial Number 1.  Some people would call this durability testing; I call it fun.

Memorial Day

Most importantly, this weekend we honor our veterans and those that gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom we have.  We really think about them every day and thank them for their service.

I want to share one of my favorite pictures.  I think it says it all…