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March Madness

This March has definitely been crazy!

We just moved into our new manufacturing facility.  It is okay, but not as nice as when the boss was working in our basement and I had a couch to sleep on.  The new place reminds me of a doggie day care facility without the smell.  He needs to get a treat jar in the place.

Well, now that the move is behind us, I can get back to important stuff like completing my bracket.  As a favor to my readers, I am going to offer free advice on how to pick the winners.  I start by picking every team that is named after a dog.  After I have picked all of them, I resort to teams named after cats.  (I’m not sure what a Bearcat is, but it sounds mean.)  Then, I pick other members of the animal kingdom.  Finally, if neither team is an animal, I pick the team that comes first in alphabetical order.  When I have two teams from the same category, I pick the one with the most letters.

So there you have it.  The Championship?  I have the Huskies and Bulldogs with the Bulldogs winning by a nose (sorry).

Please forward 10% of all your winnings.