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Hunting Season(s)

Now that we are into our third year of sales, we are starting to see some purchasing patterns emerge.  The one that is always the most interesting is the sales by region of our WAG Boarding Steps™ Model LM-6 dog ladder for duck boats.  We see sales of the Marsh Grass Tan and Oak Moss Green units pick up in late-July in the northern states as hunters prepare their boats/blinds for September openers and continue as late as February as some of the southern states’ seasons come to a close.  Shipments progress south through this period.  If we could train the ducks to deliver as they migrate, we could reduce our shipping costs.  The website provides a nice summary by state.

Oak Moss Green units continue to outsell Marsh Grass Tan units, but the choice of colors has provided hunters with a solution for their region and environment.  The dog-friendly design, range of adjustability, lightweight construction, corrosion-proof materials, and ability to float if dropped in the water continue to be very popular with hunters regardless of where they live.

For this season, we have introduced two-step extensions for those hunting from deep-v hulls or boats with high freeboard.  The extensions increase the vertical rise of the LM-6 from 24″ to 32″ and are available in our hunting colors to bolt on to the bottom of the LM-6 with black oxide/wax finish hardware.  The extensions are sold as an accessory and ship separately.

So regardless of where you hunt, your boat/blind design or your breed of dog, we probably have you covered and since all of our dog ladders are Made in the U.S.A., we should be able to get it to you in time for the first outing.

Happy Hunting!