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Giving Thanks

I love Thanksgiving!  I can recognize it right away because both my owners stay home and on the TV there are huge Snoopy, Underdog and Scooby-Doo balloons flying in the air.  It is also the day that only the Lions and Cowboys host football games.

Our kitchen is usually a busy place in the morning.  There are pots and pans everywhere and it is a great time to sniff around the floor for spills.  There is always a turkey and a couple of pies in the oven.

I see why they call it Thanksgiving.  The name kind of makes sense because I sure give thanks for the table scraps my owners give me, especially the turkey.  I love turkey!  This year, they gave me a whole handful of turkey.

My owners say turkey makes them sleepy because it contains tryptophan.  I don’t believe this.  Do you?  If it is true, I plan to be bad and grab some pie off the counter after they fall asleep.  They are watching the Cowboys play now and starting to doze.  I think I’ll just pretend like I am resting and then (yawn)…then I’ll…um…I’ll…