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Okay, so I gave you some bad advice on how to fill out your March madness bracket.  Yes, I know my picks for the Championship, the Huskies and the Bulldogs, didn’t even make it past the first round!  I won’t waste your time with my stock picks. 

Well, tomorrow is Easter and that means that boating season is right around the corner!  I won’t make the same mistake as last year when I had a Peeps® hangover.  I didn’t think snatching a bowl of yellow and pink chickies off the counter would make me feel so bad!  It was like eating a floatation device!

My owners are going to a baseball game right after church which means I have to hang out most of the day by myself.  But, I have a plan…I am going to hide tonight and wait for the Easter Bunny to show up.  I’ll watch where he hides the candy and then snatch it after he takes off.  (I’ll leave the Peeps for my owners to find.)  I’ll stash it away until my owners leave and then pig out all day making sure I am done before my owners get home.  If the Easter Bunny doesn’t come, I will figure out how to open the kitchen cabinets. 

You CAN bet on that!

Happy Easter!!!