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Dog Ramps for Trucks Alternative
by WaterDog Adventure Gear™

Dog ramps for trucks allow your dog to get into the bed of your truck, but are clumsy to use and difficult to store.  WaterDog Adventure Gear has developed a set of free-standing dog steps that are perfect for vehicle boarding and a variety of other indoor/outdoor situations where your dog needs safe, pet-friendly accessibility.  The 6-step design provides a vertical rise of 24″ from ground/floor to the top step. The 4″ deep, flat steps with integral toe plate and 4″ step height is suitable for dogs of various heights.

Our steps are superior to other dog ramps for trucks for the following reasons:

  • Dog ramps for trucks require significant space for setup to achieve a reasonable incline angle. WAG folding dog steps require only a 16” x 28” footprint.
  • Dog ramps for trucks cannot be used effectively when something is behind your vehicle, such as a parallel parked car, trailered boat or garage wall.  WAG folding dog steps can be placed parallel or perpendicular to your vehicle and are much more convenient to use.
  • Dog ramps for trucks often carry moisture from rain and snow into your vehicle.  WAG folding dog steps have a smaller footprint and allow rain and snow to pass through the traction holes and transfer less moisture into your vehicle.
  • Dog ramps for trucks can be heavy and are cumbersome to store in your vehicle.  WAG dog steps only weigh approximately 8 pounds, are easy to handle and fold  to a dimension of 38” L x 16” W x 6” D for convenient storage.
  • Dog ramps for trucks do not work  with most vehicle side door openings because it is difficult to fit or balance them on the seat or floor.  WAG folding dog steps are free-standing and can be easily placed in the door opening.

WAG dog steps are proudly made in the U.S.A. and shipped fully assembled incorporating:

  • Engineered plastics
  • Anodized aluminum extrusions
  • Stainless steel hardware

Our folding dog steps have a capacity of 130 pounds and are designed for dog use only. WaterDog Adventure Gear also offers a collapsible, oversized, vinyl-coated mesh bag designed to carry your dog steps and all the gear you need for a day of fun with your pet.  To view all of our great products, please view our doggie steps products page.

Our products are sturdy and stable, and with a minimal amount of training your pet will soon be able to enjoy climbing into your truck without your assistance, making your time together more enjoyable for you as well.  Try the WaterDog Adventure Gear dog steps as an alternative to dog ramps for trucks to see how it can provide more WAG for you and your dog.

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