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Dog Pool Ladders
by WaterDog Adventure Gear™

WAG Boarding Steps™ by WaterDog Adventure Gear are dog pool ladders that allow you to include your dog in your backyard pool fun. Water-loving dogs shouldn’t have to be locked up while the rest of the family swims because there is no easy way for them to get back onto the deck.  With our dog pool ladder, your pet gets to join in on the fun!

WaterDog Adventure Gear has developed a family of products designed to allow your dog to participate in your favorite family water activities, and the PM-6 and XPM-6 are ideally suited to give your pet access to your pool and the deck without assistance from the owner.  With just a little training, your dog can climb in or out of the pool on its own.

The PM-6 and XPM-6 models are designed to mount on a flat platform or pool surround and cantilevers into the water without struts.  The XPM-6 provides extended pivot plates to go over an above ground pool lip that is not capable of bearing any load as long as the adjacent deck is at or above pool lip height. (If it isn’t, the deck can be built up by adding two strips of wood under the pivot plates and mounts.)  Two pivot mounts are bolted through or into the platform, allowing the step assembly to pivot up out of the water and the step assembly can be easily removed, if desired.  The 6-step assembly cantilevers off the platform at a 45 degree angle with the bottom step 24” below the platform it is mounted to. The 4″ deep, flat steps with integral toe plate and 4″ step height provides pet-friendly accessibility for dogs of various heights.

The following links will show the Owner’s Manual and mounting dimensions:

PM-6 and XPM-6 Owner’s Manual

PM-6 vs. XPM-6 Application

XPM-6 vs. PM-6 Comparison

Installation Requirements:

  • WAG Boarding Steps Model PM-6 should be mounted in a relatively flat area at least 16-3/4″ wide (along water’s edge) and 10″ deep (back from the water’s edge).
  • WAG Boarding Steps Model XPM-6 should be mounted in a relatively flat area at least 16-3/4″ wide (along water’s edge) and 18″ deep (back from the water’s edge).
  • Approximately 44″ of clearance behind the pivot is required to use the pivot-out-of-water feature for Model PM-6 as shown below. Approximately 60″ is required for Model XPM-6. If clearance is not available, the steps can be easily removed from the pivot mounts when you do not want them in the water.
  • The distance from the bottom of the pool to the mounting surface needs to be at least 28″ to prevent the dog pool ladder from touching the bottom of the pool. The steps will extend approximately 28″ into the pool from the water’s edge.
  • Both models require four (4) mounting fasteners for the pivot mounts.

WaterDog Adventure Gear offers a wide range of models and mounting options, including those designed to be mounted on swim ladders, that can be viewed at our Doggie Steps Product Page.

WAG dog pool ladders are proudly made in the U.S.A. and shipped partially assembled incorporating:

  • Engineered plastics
  • Stainless steel hardware

WAG Boarding Steps have a capacity of 130 pounds and are designed for dog use only. Our products are sturdy and stable. With a minimal amount of training, your pet will soon be able to enjoy jumping into the water and safely returning to your deck, making the time you spend with your pet more enjoyable for you as well.  Try the WaterDog Adventure Gear dog pool ladder to see how it can provide more WAG for you and your dog.

Pool Ladders for Dogs by WaterDog Adventure Gear

Platform mount for above-ground pools where deck sits adjacent to pool lip. Bolts to deck up to 12″ above water level. Pivots out of water and can be easily detached. Verify installation requirements before ordering.