Dog Boat Ladders by WaterDog Adventure Gear

WAG Boarding Steps™ by WaterDog Adventure Gear are the highest quality dog boat ladders on the market. If you have a dog that likes to go boating with you, but you struggle getting him/her back in the boat after they inevitably jump in the water, our dog boat ladders are just what you need to make the outing more fun for you and your dog.  WAG Boarding Steps have a capacity of 130 pounds and are designed for dog use only.

WaterDog Adventure Gear offers several models of dog boat ladders designed and configured for a variety of applications, including:

WAG Boarding Steps™ Model SLM-12

WAG Boarding Steps™ Underwater

WaterDog Adventure Gear dog boat ladders are proudly made in the U.S.A. and shipped fully assembled incorporating:

  • engineered plastics
  • anodized aluminum extrusions
  • stainless steel hardware

In addition to dog boat ladders, WaterDog Adventure Gear also offers:

  • Dog dock ladders that give your pet easy access to and from your dock or raft when they enter the water to retrieve or cool off.
  • Dog pool ladders for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

Our products are sturdy and stable, and with a minimal amount of training your pet will soon be able to enjoy entering the water and safely returning to the boat without human intervention, making the time you spend with your pet more enjoyable for you as well. No more lifting your wet dog into the boat or having to be there every time. Get one of the WaterDog Adventure Gear dog boat ladders to see how it can provide more WAG for you and your dog!

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