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Those of you who have followed our growth over the first two years of business have undoubtedly noticed more and more dogs other than me in our dog ladder pictures and videos.  When we notify customers that their order has shipped and communicate the tracking information, we tell them we welcome pictures or videos of their dog using our product.  Many of our customers are thrilled to share pictures and videos of their dogs using our products.  They also like the idea of making their dog “world famous” by being featured on our website or YouTube channel.

Since my humans have a bowrider, the submissions of our dog boat ladder products on pontoon boats, deck boats, ski boats, cruisers, etc. are much appreciated.  They help potential customers visualize how the product will work for their application.  As we tell everyone, the videos aren’t the slickest productions, but the unedited approach is reality.  And trust me, the boss is a good engineer, but he is no Steven Spielberg.  Our videos show the entire sequence, not brief segments like others use. 

Our waterfowl hunters have submitted great videos.  Those looking for a dog ladder for boat or blind applications have seen firsthand that they will no longer have to lift their retrieving dog back in the boat.  You also get to see other parts of the country.  The video on our website was from a customer using our product in the Florida Everglades.  The only hand the customer lifted was to pat the dog on the back after the retrieve.

Our newest submission comes from Australia where Simba, a four-month old Labrador Retriever, is learning to use his new dog pool ladder.  Since it is summer in that part of the world, it is getting put to good use.  As a reminder, our global customers can purchase our products using eBay’s Global Shipping Program and selecting the “EXPORT OFFERING” listing for the model you wish to purchase.  Simba’s human did and provided us with positive feedback stating that the unit arrived in Sydney within eight days of purchase.  We ship fast and it appears eBay does, also.

So I welcome the dogs that have joined me on the web, in our boat show videos, on our Facebook page and Pinterest.  Now, if any of you guys want to come be test engineers, have at it.  Most movie stars have stunt doubles, but the boss didn’t get that memo.