Toll-Free Customer Support

Custom Dog Ladders

WaterDog Adventure Gear™ currently manufactures and sells eight models of dog ladders for a variety of applications.  While they cover most needs, we occasionally get requests for custom solutions.

Waterfowl hunters drive the most requests since they hunt off a variety of boats and blinds in various environments that are not always compatible with our WAG Boarding Steps™ Model LM-6.  They sometimes require different mounting arrangements and more steps to access raised blinds or deep water access on high freeboard boats, but still want our oak moss green or marsh grass tan steps and black oxide treated hardware.

Custom requests are initiated by calling our toll-free customer support line (877-924-2272).  We will discuss your needs and determine if there is a solution we can provide.  Pricing and delivery will be quoted.  If this is acceptable, the order is taken.

We invite you to view a few of our custom designs on our Pinterest page.  We also have featured one of our custom designs on our latest Facebook page post.  While there, please “Like” us.