As we start our fifth year of business, we have established WaterDog Adventure Gear™ as the leader in dog ladders for a variety of applications.  Over that period of time, we have grown from one model to nine models with 13 SKUs based on listening to the needs of our customers.  Our mission to offer the best solutions on the market has been our guiding light.  We have also followed a philosophy of continuous improvement during that time.  When we see an opportunity to make an improvement to one of our existing products, we do so.  When those improvements were in response to a product performance issue (e.g., change to stainless steel step rivets on our pool dog ladders to prevent premature corrosion caused by chlorine), we have made those improvements available to our customers at no charge.

Today, we announced a major improvement to our patented WAG Boarding Steps™ Model SLM-12 that will significantly increase the number of boat swim ladders it can be attached to.  As the first model we introduced four years ago, it highlights the evolution of our designs and our goal to be the best.  The lower mounting arms now telescope 8″ to provide both length and angle adjustment.  This new feature allows fitment to swim ladders of any angle and cross-member spacing while achieving approximately a 45 degree angle of the dog ladder.  Too often we lost sales because of swim ladders that weren’t the previously required 70 degree angle or the fitment requirements were not understood.

As we move forward, continuous improvement of existing products will be as important as introducing new ones.  That is the only way you remain the best.