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The boss said we will be launching a new website over the next few weeks to be better structured for SEO.  When I asked him what that meant, he said Search Engine Optimization.  He said SEO will allow more people to find our website and learn about our great line of products. He assured me Read More

Dog Days

My human friends call these the “dog days” of summer.  I’m not sure what that is suppsed to mean.  I thought every day was a dog’s day. I do know it has been extremely hot and we haven’t had much rain.  As much as I love sunny days, I do hope we get rain for Read More


There are a few things that we dogs can get into that are difficult to resolve without help from our human friends.  Stepping in bubble gum, a stinky encounter with a skunk or wrapping your leash around a tree or pole to name a few.  But this time of year, one of my least favorite Read More