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Custom Dog Ladders

WaterDog Adventure Gear™ currently manufactures and sells eight models of dog ladders for a variety of applications.  While they cover most needs, we occasionally get requests for custom solutions. Waterfowl hunters drive the most requests since they hunt off a variety of boats and blinds in various environments that are not always compatible with our Read More

Hunting Season(s)

Now that we are into our third year of sales, we are starting to see some purchasing patterns emerge.  The one that is always the most interesting is the sales by region of our WAG Boarding Steps™ Model LM-6 dog ladder for duck boats.  We see sales of the Marsh Grass Tan and Oak Moss Read More

Customer Pictures and Videos

Those of you who have followed our growth over the first two years of business have undoubtedly noticed more and more dogs other than me in our dog ladder pictures and videos.  When we notify customers that their order has shipped and communicate the tracking information, we tell them we welcome pictures or videos of Read More

Dog Ladder Selection

Probably the one comment we hear most when showing customers one of our dog boat ladder products is, “I don’t need one THAT long!”  We understand why people respond that way initially.  For example, when you stand WAG Boarding Steps™ Model SLM-12 on end, it is almost 6′ in length.  However, what is important is Read More