WAG Boarding Steps™ are dog ladders for fishing boats by WaterDog Adventure Gear that have been designed and manufactured with the angler in mind.

Don’t leave your best friend behind when going out for the day simply because you fear having to drag your wet dog back into the boat after a swim. Our dog ladders for fishing boats provide an easy option for your dog to board your boat alone.

Unlike other products that are heavy and cumbersome, our dog ladders for fishing boats are lightweight and easy to carry. No more setting your rod or drink down to lift your dog back into the boat.

Get one of the WaterDog Adventure Gear dog ladders for fishing boats to see how it can provide more WAG for you and your dog!

Superior Design

  • Dog-friendly with flat 4” deep steps with integral toe plate, 45 degree angle, 4” step height
  • “Space-frame” design with high open areas in all three directions to minimize the effects of water currents
  • Non-corrosive materials (engineered plastics, anodized aluminum extrusions, stainless steel hardware)

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Quick shipment
  • Toll-free customer support phone line
  • Replacement parts available

Easy To Use

  • Minimal assembly
  • Can be deployed and stored without tools
  • No more having to be there to lift your wet dog out of the water

We offer two models of dog ladders for fishing boats:

The patented LM-6 is designed to mount over the gunwale or transom lip of most fishing boats. The design incorporates reversible, modifiable hooks to mount over the top edge of the gunwale or transom and has independently adjustable struts to accommodate different hull designs and shapes (angle/curvature). Perhaps most importantly, if you drop them in the water or they fall out of the boat, they float due to strategic placement of closed-cell polyethylene foam. U.S. Patent No. 9,815,529

The patented HSM-6 provides similar functionality as the LM-6, but mounts at the top using a slotted crossbar (versus hooks) that can be restrained behind a boat cleat or secured to a flat, horizontal surface along your gunwale. The HSM-6 design incorporates independently adjustable struts that rest against the hull and floatation material like the LM-6. U.S. Patent No. 9,815,529