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Customer Pictures and Videos

Those of you who have followed our growth over the first two years of business have undoubtedly noticed more and more dogs other than me in our dog ladder pictures and videos.  When we notify customers that their order has shipped and communicate the tracking information, we tell them we welcome pictures or videos of Read More

Boat Show Season

I can always recognize this time of year.  The boss spends a lot of time on the phone talking with convention centers, hotels and U-Haul.  Yes, it is boat show season.  This is the time of year when my dog boat ladder ends up on a display stand instead of the boat and I get left Read More

Dog Frostbite

The boss always takes me for a walk or hike at lunch time, usually at a local park.  I always look forward to it.  But today in Wisconsin, it was not fun.  The ambient temperature was -15°F and the wind chill was -45°F.  I didn’t put up any resistance to making it a quick “business Read More

Happy Holidays

As we wind down our second year of sales, the boss and I want to pause and thank all of our customers for their business and wish everyone a joyous holiday season. Here in Wisconsin, it becomes a challenge to think of those warm days on the water.  My set of WAG Boarding Steps™ Model Read More

Stunt Double

Meet my new friend, Sadie. We were doing a photo shoot for WAG Boarding Steps™ Model DM-12 today and Sadie was there swimming with her human.


The boss said we will be launching a new website over the next few weeks to be better structured for SEO.  When I asked him what that meant, he said Search Engine Optimization.  He said SEO will allow more people to find our website and learn about our great line of products. He assured me Read More

Memorial Day

Well, I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Memorial Day weekend is only a couple days away!  Here in Wisconsin, that means the official start of boating season.  I didn’t think the ice would ever melt this year! Fortunately, I have been swimming from shore for a few weeks and working on my Read More

The Best Gift Ever

Well, yesterday I turned 9 years old!  My humans gave me some great gifts. The first was a chew bone. It was gone within an hour. They also renewed my membership in AARP.  I think it stands for American Association of Retriever Pets.  I hear ads all the time on TV for their Medicare supplement insurance, Read More

Christmas Vacation

Well, it is that time of year, again.  You know, the over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house thing.  Unfortunately, the closest thing to woods I see is a forest of semi-trucks at the rest areas.  Cooped up in our Jeep for 14 hours (longer if the weather is bad) is not Read More


Normally, Thanksgiving is a day when I patrol the kitchen floor and am thankful for stuff that falls off the dishes.  But this year is different. As WaterDog Adventure Gear™ nears the end of our first year of sales, I am thankful for all of the humans who purchased our product so that their dogs Read More