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Earth Day and Green Manufacturing

As I took the used corrugate and paper to the recycling bin today, I was reminded that it was Earth Day.  Back in 1970 when Earth Day started, recycling was almost unheard of.  It is hard for me to remember that since recycling is now a norm for me.  I thought it would be worth Read More

Dog Ladder Selection

Probably the one comment we hear most when showing customers one of our dog boat ladder products is, “I don’t need one THAT long!”  We understand why people respond that way initially.  For example, when you stand WAG Boarding Steps™ Model SLM-12 on end, it is almost 6′ in length.  However, what is important is Read More

Website Changes

Welcome to our new WaterDog Adventure Gear™ website!  If this is your first visit, you won’t notice the change.  If you are a returning visitor, you will notice a lot of change. First of all, visitors to the home page are directed to products by application (versus model).  When we started almost two years ago, Read More