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On-Line Shopping

Currently, the only place to purchase WaterDog Adventure Gear™ is on-line directly from us.  We have found that the way people shop on-line can be categorized four ways: They have the manufacturer’s web address. They search the Internet using a browser. They search eBay. They search Amazon. Which of the above methods you use will Read More

Continuous Improvement

As we start our fifth year of business, we have established WaterDog Adventure Gear™ as the leader in dog ladders for a variety of applications.  Over that period of time, we have grown from one model to nine models with 13 SKUs based on listening to the needs of our customers.  Our mission to offer Read More

The Four-Way Test

Several years ago, I joined a local Rotary club to give back by participating in local and international service projects, learn more about the community I lived and worked in, and network with other professionals.  One of the cornerstones of Rotary is The Four-Way Test.  Developed by Herbert J. Taylor in 1932, it was adopted Read More

Labor Day

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and time for kids to go back to school. It is a holiday that many of us feel comes too soon. It seems like it was just Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer. Rather than spend our time mourning the approaching end of boating season, we Read More

Dog Pool Safety

Sales of our WAG Boarding Steps ™ Model PM-6 for in-ground pools and Model XPM-6 for above-ground pools continue to grow and we often hear from customers that their dog pool ladder was the best money they have spent on their pool. That said, we still hear stories about dogs that have learned to climb Read More

Preparing to Launch

There are two signs that boating season is near here in Wisconsin; the ice is off the lakes and orders for WaterDog Adventure Gear™ ramp up.  We have spent the last several months building up inventory of all nine of our WAG Boarding Steps™ models, including our newest, the HSM-10, a dog ladder for pontoon Read More

Boat Show Season

This time of year is very hectic.  Like all of you, we are preparing for the holidays.  We are also preparing for boat show season which starts in early January and runs through March.  The timing is such that it gets us thinking of warmer days in the dead of winter and visualizing those laid Read More

Custom Dog Ladders

WaterDog Adventure Gear™ currently manufactures and sells eight models of dog ladders for a variety of applications.  While they cover most needs, we occasionally get requests for custom solutions. Waterfowl hunters drive the most requests since they hunt off a variety of boats and blinds in various environments that are not always compatible with our Read More

Hunting Season(s)

Now that we are into our third year of sales, we are starting to see some purchasing patterns emerge.  The one that is always the most interesting is the sales by region of our WAG Boarding Steps™ Model LM-6 dog ladder for duck boats.  We see sales of the Marsh Grass Tan and Oak Moss Read More

Dog Pool Safety

As summer approaches, demand for our line of dog ladders increases.  Those of you who have a swimming pool and let your dog use it, will undoubtedly want to purchase a WAG Boarding Steps ™ Model PM-6 dog pool ladder or our recently introduced Model XPM-6 so your dog can safely get out of the Read More